We are Gothenburg´s go-to company for high voltage battery assemblies, powertrains, prototypes and products. This is what we do.

Expertise & Prototyping

One stop shop for Development / assignments within Design, Mechatronics, Embedded & System design. 

Custom Battery Production

Welding, processing and assembly of battery packs. Capacity exceeding 10MWh/Yearly. High-end CNC-welding infused with AI quality control for production of customized packs for client specific applications. 

At the very core of our company,

Our values mattr

A. Doing

Doing is our basic foundation.
We are doers. We take doing something wrong over not doing anything at all any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

B. Innovation

We love to invent and to push the envelope. And we know that every project has room for innovation at some level. We go to that level, then we level up.

A. Creativity

Creativity is not just about coming up with new products and features, it’s just as much how we act and interact, how we are perceived, and how we do business.


Products & Projects

Project – SVEMO

Development of new electric category for the Assosiation of Swedish Motorcycle racing

Product – BCM

Custom PCB Design for Body Control Unit

Project – Electro Jet

Conversion kit for old-timer Jet Skiis

Product – M-E-S-S

Modular Home Energy Storage Systems. To hit the market in Q4 2023

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Product – RGNT No.1 

Founders of RGNT,
Idea to homologated product & fullscale production

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About the Collective

At Mattr we are doers. We love to build and to make stuff.

We love to create new shiny things to challenge ourselves and the status quo.

To challenge the perception of what can and can’t be done.

It’s in our bones and in our culture. A culture of friendship. A culture of the power of the collective mind

And the potential of cray-cray-genius go-my-own-way individualism.

People Mattr

Jonathan Åström

Business Developer


August Wängberg

Feature Leader – Logistics

Louise Fernholm

Sales & Operational Manager

Göran Jonasson

Lead Systems Engineer

Johannes Larsson

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Anton Johansson

Lead Mechatronics Engineer

Jesper Johansson

Senior Design Engineer

Filip Johansson

Controller & Procurement


Abhiram Thuraga

Senior Systems Engineer

Kasper Kardell

Business Development Engineer

Viktor Hallén

Systems & Electrical Engineer

Linnea Ivetorn

UX / Informatics

We´re Hiring

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Production Engineer

House Rules that Mattr

  • You are a person who thrives on engaging in innovation’s prosperity.
  • Favor Novelty over Stability.
  • An engaged and professional at all times Believe that anything is possible
  • Put the Collective ahead of the Individual
  • You are not a Besserwisser