People Mattr

Jonathan Åström

Business Developer

August Wängberg

Feature Leader – Logistics

Louise Fernholm

Sales & Operational Manager

+46 (0) 730 38 37 10

Göran Jonasson

Lead Systems Engineer

Johannes Larsson

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Anton Johansson

Lead Mechatronics Engineer

Jesper Johansson

Senior Design Engineer

Filip Johansson

Controller & Procurement

Abhiram Thuraga

Senior Systems Engineer

Kasper Kardell

Business Development Engineer

Viktor Hallén

Systems & Electrical Engineer

Linnea Ivetorn

UX / Informatics

Kristian Saker

Test & Verification Engineer

Adrian Ludvigsson

Mechatronics Engineer

You mattr

We are open minded and always open to get to know new people, feel free to email us and tell us a bit about you and maybe we’ll meet on a coffee. 

While you’re reaching out, why not take the opportunity to share something fun you’ve created. We are curious!