A energy storage solution, developed to assist businesses and real estates to minimize energy spikes while stabilizing cost. Reducing emissions with sustainable battery modules. Together with the included CheckWatt you can sell your batteries capacity in order to help balance the power grid and enable a 100% renewable energy system.


Made in Sweden
Assembled, tested & Manufactured in Sweden. All done. with precision welding & assembly according to ISO9001 quality.

CE Approved
RoHS & EMC approved accordingly to EU Standards

Cradle to Grave
Even though Mattery Pack has a lifespan exceeding 3000 recharges. Our team will assist with recycling your pack or replacing the worn cells (&components) at a reduced rate.

M-E-S-S Starter Pack

The complete starter pack includes everything you need to get your villa, business or household with a battery supply. The system features from 5kWh with the opportunity to build up to 25kWh.

The M-E-S-System allows the user to easily monitor, setup and streamline the energy need. All included in the 4G connectivity along with the integrated Check-watt system.

Estimate my annual profit

Machine Learning of energy consumption and optimization for daily cost reduction

Notification upon power outs, spikes or disturbances in the net

Collects energy prices from the market to help setup an optimized energy usage

Our Modular Energy Storage System (aka ”M-E-S-S”) features optimized energy storage for homes, villas, and businesses, from 5kWh with the opportunity to build up to 25kWh.

The system is built for 220v and is fully compatible with solar cells and hybrid inverters. Our built-in IoT solution connects 24/7-365 which makes is possible for you to monitor, set parameters and adjust your energy usage or sell to the market.

The Starter Pack includes
Cabinet (60*60*80cm)
High Volt (48v)
Low Volt (12v)
Onboard Computer
Adjustable mounts
Prepared Harness for 5/5 modules
10 year free 4G connectivity
CheckWatt integrated

Nominal Voltage: 220V
Battery: 48v, 100Ah
Charge: 1C

5 years (or 3000 recharges)

Meets EU Regulations, RoHS & CE approval