Project SVEMO 

Motorsport in all forms has been around since the early 20th centry, with profiles such as Steve Mcqueen, James Dean, Guy Martin etc. Although motorsport is fun in its form, due to the expense the 2 wheelers has dominated the scene for entry levels to veterans. If we take a look into road racing as a sport, its a high cost 2wheeler sport on unique tracks with top speeds in the premier class exceeding 300km/h.

There used to be an accessable class for youths and amateur riders – Moto 3,  simple 125cc 2-stroke bikes. The regulation changed in the early 21st centry to favour a new 4-stroke motor that could easily outrun the 2strokes with its instant torque and larger CCs. The class suddenly got expensive, noisy and out of reach for new riders.

This resulting in a slow movement dueconstraints from noice requirements and high cost, this limiting timeslots for practicing & racing to early afternoons and a few weekends per year. 

Mattr together with SVEMO (Swedish motorcycle racing assosiacion)  are developing a new class to minimize cost, noise and maximizing riding hours for all participants.

”The working name of the class is Moto3E, introducing our bike Mattroid”

Our Process

Step 1 – Pre-study & Visualization

Acquire a bike to help evaluate the project and planning of the timeline
Year: 2022
Model: Yamaha R125
Timeframe: July 2022
Condition: New 0km 
Comments: Great bike chassis with full racing potential with Deltabox frame, oversized brakes and geometry of an moto3 bike.  To be re-engineered with new powertrain, custom Mattery Packs 

Step 2 – Engineering & Prototyping

Agressive engineering phase the narrow timeplan, target to finalize first drivable Proof of Concept in mid October along with SVEMO. 

Deadline: October 2022
Definition of done: Drivable Proof of concept, 15min driving @ race pace



Custom Mattery Pack – 5kWh
Peak Power: 35kW
Top Speed: 150km/h
Voltage: 96v
Range: 90km (race pace 30km)


24s14p Customized Mattery packs with 96v and 400A contiuously power output. 


Mid drive motor – with chain optimized gearing for maximum race performance Mounted centred towards swingarm for optimal weight distribution. 


Step 3 – Moto3E Racing Category

Initiation & production of 15 kits for 2023 new racing class Moto 3e
Alignment of suspension, brakes and testing for the series.
Deadline: April 2023.